"For the professional calling"

Medical Representative System

Our company performs professional medical representative activity to physicians in accordance with legal requirements, with registered medical representatives, on behalf of multinational pharmaceutical companies, since 2001.

We offer:
  • Classical visits to physicians, promotion activity with complete M + S management
  • Result oriented, company- and or person-tailored medical visits taking into consideration clients requirements
  • Total country coverage, well-experienced medical representative network for GPs and specialists
  • Usage of special “targeted physicians” system according clients need of coverage and frequency
  • Patient guidance management
  • Transparent justification of visits
  • Visitors are registered at NNGYK – earlier OGYÉI.
What is your advantage using Renew’s medical representative system?
  • Permanent outsourcing activity on the pharmaceutical market since 2001, wide-ranging references
  • Execution of short campaigns – even 4 months duration
  • Fixed visit-fee and commission/bonus system according clients expectations
  • Substantial cut of clients visitor payment
  • Permanent visiting, lower costs, proper efficiency
  • Clients unchanged M + S targets will be achievable without increasing visit-costs

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In case of need of further information please appeal with confidence to one of our colleagues: office@renewkft.hu