"For the professional calling"

Company history

The RENEW Ltd. - which took a significant part in the Hungarian pharmacy privatization - was founded in 1993. The change of the company’s property structure in 1997 affected the management and substantially changed it’s business activity. The profile of the Ltd. got stronger as the owners and the management came from the important players of the market (from 2001).

More than

years of professional experience!

More than

promoted products!

More than

visited medical target groups!

We give classical outsourcing activities in pharmacy and medical visiting, in
professional promotion of Rx products, OTC drugs and other FMCG products to international companies (from 2003). We extended our activites with marketing authorisation (MA) and pharmacovigilance (PV) from 2010.

Above this we give advises to international companies in Hungarian drug
registrations, drug-price strategy, and in state supportment. We represent these companies in front of the Ministry of Health Care, and the Hungarian National Health Insurance Found.

What we ensure: professional team activities, high standard and enduring work.

Medical representative system

Classic doctor visits, promotional activities, full sales and marketing management, results-oriented, personalised doctor visits

Pharmacy representative system

Since 2001, our company has been carrying out professional pharmacy visits on behalf of multinational pharmaceutical companies and small pharmaceutical companies.

Representation of foreign companies

Renew Kft. is also a partner of foreign pharmaceutical companies that intend to enter the Hungarian pharmaceutical market

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In case of need of further information please appeal with confidence to one of our colleagues: office@renewkft.hu